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5 bots to try this week: Anthbot, Youtube DJ,, Food Makers, and Hey Taco

Here are the five most popular bots this past week, as they appear on Botlist. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

5. Hey Taco
Too often we get caught up in our work and forget to recognize each other and celebrate. Our fun and unique kindness currency, taco’s, inspires your team to connect more often.

With HeyTaco! you’ll see more people collaborating, recognizing each other, and team celebrations.

Available on Discord, Slack

4. Food Makers

You can search for a restaurant in your area or try a recipe or simply read our stories about food & innovation.

Available on Messenger


Increase your business engagement, attract more customers. Everything you need to automate your Facebook page:

  • 24/7 autopilot
  • Live reports
  • Capture prospects
  • Schedule and send
  • Customer management
  • Reply messages and comments

Available on Messenger


2. Youtube DJ

Mix with Youtube songs ! Youtube DJ is a free online DJ console. Go to on your desktop computer to start mixing. Join a room, or create it. Just give it a name. On Facebook Messenger, search for our Youtube DJ chatbot. It will let you and your friends add songs to the room’s playlist in realtime!

Available on Messenger, Web

1. Anthbot

Anthbot has a set of entertainment commands and useful commands to facilitate member interaction on your server. Commands for the administration of your server, either remove messages from a channel, announce giveaways or notify when a user joins, leaves, connects or disconnects from your server.

Available on Discord

Popularity of the top 5 bots on Botlist is based on web traffic to individual bots’ pages appearing on the site. This week’s rankings were for the period May 29 – June 4, 2017.

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