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Oops! What to do when email mistakes happen

Everyone makes mistakes every now and then. When it comes to email marketing, everyone’s done it; even the big guys make gaffes sometimes. When this happens, the important thing is to take a breath and not panic. Most people think they need to send out an apology right away, but depending on the error and your audience, you may want ... Read More »

50 unique ideas for your next email

As a business owner, you’re juggling a lot of day-to-day to tasks and may not have time come up with ideas for your next email or promotion. We’ve put our creative noggins together to create a full year’s worth of quirky and engaging email ideas. Each month centers on a specific theme. Within that month, you’ll find four out-of-the-box email ... Read More »

Interactive Quiz: 5 Steps to Creating a Stellar Content Experience for Your Audience

This month marks exactly 181 years since the first advertisement was ever published. The ad in question appeared in the French newspaper, La Presse, and other papers quickly began following suit. For the first time in history, businesses were using “content” distributed to a large audience to formally promote their products and services. Clearly a lot of time has passed ... Read More »

This Common Belief Could Be Blocking Your Creative Potential

A woman brought her two Pomeranians to a barbecue I recently attended. I had never met her before, but overhearing her give the dogs commands in Norwegian, Italian, and English sparked a conversation between us and another guest. Hamburger in hand, the other barbecue-goer explained why he’s always had trouble learning a language other than English. “I want there to ... Read More »

Infographic: The Growth Hacking Process

What I like about this infographic is it drills home the point that your business is uniquely yours. What I really mean is: the problems you’re facing probably haven’t been solved by another company. You’re going to have to get in the trenches and really figure out what makes your customers tick and what strategies and processes are going to ... Read More »

Introducing Landing Pages

We’re excited to announce that Landing Pages are now available to all our users. VerticalResponse’s Landing Pages are the quick and easy complement to your email campaigns, working in tandem with your email messages to generate interest, capture leads and increase sales. What are Landing Pages? Landing Pages are an efficient way to create customizable webpages that your readers land ... Read More »

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