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Duolingo expands into podcasting with real-life stories for Spanish learners

Online language learning platform Duolingo is expanding into podcasting today with the launch of its first season in Spanish. As the company’s first consumer product to exist outside the main Duolingo app, the podcast is available through all the usual podcasting conduits, including SoundCloud, Stitcher, iTunes, Pocket Casts, Google Play Music, Spotify, and many others. It is, of course, also ... Read More »

Facebook Instant Games gets livestreams — Angry Birds, multiplayer video chat to come

Facebook launched Instant Games on its Messenger platform earlier this year with 20 games. It’s since grown its library to 70, including arcade classics like Tetris as well as modern scrolling shooters BlackStorm Labs’s EverWing. And starting today, you’ll be able to livestream your sessions. Facebook also announced today that games such as Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds will be joining the Instant Games ... Read More »

Twitter bots boost Russian backlash against Olympic ban

(Reuters) — What began as a grassroots online campaign featuring a schoolboy has grown into a mass hashtag protest against Russia’s exclusion from the Winter Olympics – backed by what appear to be fake Twitter accounts and users connected to past pro-Kremlin causes. Many ordinary Russians are undoubtedly upset about an International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision to ban Russia’s team ... Read More »

9 Quality Sources for Beautiful Landing Page Templates

Do you wake up from nightmares about ugly landing pages tied to your brand? Or perhaps, even worse: no landing pages at all! How in the world will you manage to grow your business without a place to generate new leads or convert existing ones? Landing pages can be a marketer’s worst nightmare, especially if you are strapped on design ... Read More »

Social Media for Nonprofits: 6 Ways to Make a Difference

These days, social media feels less like an idle distraction and more like an endurance blood sport. Between the constant barrage of outrage and headlines that would put The Onion to shame, engaging with other users on social media has never felt this difficult or punishing. There is, however, some good news. Not every social media account is a Russian ... Read More »

Every Important Google Algorithm Update Since 2003

To the everyday user, Google’s search engine might seem pretty unremarkable. Type in “corgi,” and you’re going to get a bunch of corgi-related results. You’ll see a page called, “10 Facts about Corgis You Paw-bibly Didn’t Know.” You’ll see a Knowledge Panel featuring the life span and temperament of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. You’ll get a dropdown suggestion for the ... Read More »

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