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How to Become Successful, Seriously (FS198)

Might sound crazy, but in this podcast we literally teach you how to be successful.

Simple as that.

You want to become successful.

You want to make headway towards your goal.

You want to feel inspired and insightful about the work you do.

You want to live life on your terms, employ your own damn self, define your own lifestyle.

In this podcast we teach you — as I said — literally how to do that… how to get successful.

It’s a deep dive into what we mean when we say “successful,” how that word bamboozles us, hoodwinks us and we lose touch with the very thing that’s going to contribute most to genuine success in our lives.

BTW, this is not, like, some “The Secret” stuff or some pie-in-the-sky power of positivity… it’s cold hard empiricism and experience, but with real heart.

You’re gonna like it. Make a cup of tea or coffee, invest an hour now in real, lasting success, and let’s dig in.

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“A podcast about the real reason why you’re not successful… yet.”

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In this episode we mention a live training webinar happening to help you learn how to use some journaling tools to find more clarity in your decision making and project planning.

It’s happening!

Wednesday, Jan 25th at 10:30am PST.

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Show Notes:

How to Create Your own Definition of Success (FS140)

GO Summit (this is the conference Chase originally gave this message at!)


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