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Advice and Resources for Success as a Creative Professional

This week, we talked about some of the joys — and pitfalls — of the professional creative life. Your friends don’t get what you do, sometimes you don’t completely “get it” yourself — but when it’s working, the rewards can be glorious. On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman explored the peculiar (and sometimes hard to understand) nature Read More… The post Advice ... Read More »’s Alexa skill is giving people bad dating advice today launched a new Alexa skill that gives people first date advice, and it’s not great — not in every regard at least. The Alexa voice app does deliver some helpful tips, like you may want to wait two days to message someone after the date, and the average person spends around $ 60 on a first date, but the ... Read More »

Get Custom Advice For Boosting Your Conversions With Unbounce’s New Landing Page Analyzer

As a savvy marketer, it’s our sincere hope you never start a campaign without a dedicated landing page for sending your paid traffic to. But — as you know — the job isn’t over once a landing page is created. Your real opportunity is in understanding how your page performs. Beyond tracking standard performance measures like conversions and landing page ... Read More »

LinkedIn launches Career Advice to connect you with a professional mentor

LinkedIn is expanding its efforts across the Economic Graph to help its more than 530 million members maximize their professional relationships. On Wednesday, the company announced Career Advice, a peer-to-peer mentorship program. At launch, it’s going to be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and India, but there are plans to expand globally in the coming months. While ... Read More »

Michelle Obama shades Trump with advice on how to tweet


As a former first lady Michelle Obama knows how much weight words can carry. She gets it. But she wants to make sure everyone else does, too. Everyone. Queen Michelle sat down with poet Elizabeth Alexander to speak at the second day of The Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago. She spoke on the importance of sharing your voice intelligently and ... Read More »

Strongly Worded Advice Week on Copyblogger

This is a week of strong opinions on Copyblogger — designed to make you more productive, wiser, saner, and maybe even happier. We want you to do amazing things, so we’re not pulling any punches. On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman encouraged us to get a handle on our information overwhelm, starting with getting smarter about the Read More… The post Strongly ... Read More »

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