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8 Ways to Make the Most of Your AdWords Keywords

You’ve done extensive keyword research, and you know what keywords are valuable to your business or client – right? (If you’re not quite there yet, consider checking out WordStream’s recent article, How to Identify Your Most Valuable Keywords.) But once you’ve identified the right keywords for your AdWords campaigns, how do you make the most of them? Whether you’re a ... Read More »

Digital Marketing News: Better Text Ads, Lifestyle Templates & AMP for AdWords

Seven Tips for Writing Better-Performing Expanded Text Ads [Infographic] Writing text ads is a challenge – how can you be compelling enough to drive a conversion with such limited space? There are several tricks of the trade explored in this new infographic. MarketingProfs Google to Advertisers: Get Your Mobile Landing Pages Ready Google recently announced that in two weeks, AdWords ... Read More »

Grade & Get Paid: Enter to Win $25K in Free AdWords Budget

If a stranger in a particularly giving mood handed you $ 25,000 in AdWords budget to spend on a complete PPC makeover, where would you start? Expand onto the Display Network? Overhaul your remarketing strategy? Uncover neat new keyword opportunities? Whatever your AdWords dreams are, the $ 25,000 PPC Challenge will allow you to achieve your PPC goals and then ... Read More »

How to Compete with Big Spenders in AdWords (Without Spending More $)

I’ve got good news and bad news. In traditional fashion, let’s start with the bad news. By almost every metric, businesses with big budgets are doing better in Google AdWords than lower spenders. Maybe not surprising, but it still hurts. The rich get richer while us little guys get left in the dust. How do we know? We looked at ... Read More »

Seeing Diminishing Returns in AdWords? Here Are 5 Advanced Optimization Tactics

Being a modern-day Paid Media Manager can make you feel a bit like Sisyphus. Your VP of Marketing has charged you with rolling a boulder uphill (continuously optimizing your AdWords campaigns even when you’ve reached your quarterly objectives). Image via Shutterstock. This becomes especially painful when you’re getting diminishing returns out of your optimization efforts. There are many tactics to ... Read More »

How Your PPC Strategy Should Differ on the AdWords Search VS Display Network

As we ramp up for Unbounce’s upcoming PPC week, we thought we’d revisit some of our favorite PPC posts from the archives. This post was originally published in June 2015 but still rings true. Enjoy! Have you ever been kicking so much AdWords Search Network butt that it made you raise your chest and gave you instant super powers? You ... Read More »

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