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Facebook defends itself against social media critics

(Reuters) — Facebook Inc on Friday struck back against scientific researchers and tech industry insiders who have criticized the world’s biggest social media network and its competitors for transforming how people behave and express emotion. Facebook, in a corporate blog post, said that social media can be good for people’s well-being if they use the technology in a way that ... Read More »

Twitter bots boost Russian backlash against Olympic ban

(Reuters) — What began as a grassroots online campaign featuring a schoolboy has grown into a mass hashtag protest against Russia’s exclusion from the Winter Olympics – backed by what appear to be fake Twitter accounts and users connected to past pro-Kremlin causes. Many ordinary Russians are undoubtedly upset about an International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision to ban Russia’s team ... Read More »

Tech is not winning the battle against white supremacy


 Content warning: This post contains racial slurs, homophobic language and very graphic depictions of racism and violence.  If you were just paying attention to press releases, this week it’d be easy to believe that tech companies are winning the war on hate. Responding to the violence in Charlottesville, Mark Zuckerberg solemnly reflected that there is “no place for hate in… Read More ... Read More »

New Free Tools: Check Your AdWords Metrics Against Benchmarks!

Viewing on mobile? Check out our new tools here! If you’re new to paid search advertising, or just onboarding new clients with your agency, figuring out how to measure success can be challenging. We all want to create ads that have high CTRs and chart-breaking conversion rates, but a good metric in one industry isn’t necessarily good in another—in fact, it can ... Read More »

Badass women in Iran share why they’re ignoring a new fatwa against cycling


Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued a fatwa on women riding bicycles Monday, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of defiant women from doing it anyway. The religious edict forbids women from cycling because it’s viewed as a practice that “exposes society to corruption” and “contravenes women’s chastity,” according to The Independent. SEE ALSO: Iranian para-cyclist dies after crash ... Read More »

Rage Against the Mega-Corp.: How Your Small Business Can Dominate Search

Nearly every business in the world has a website today, and that means small businesses have to overcome nearly insurmountable search marketing odds to claim one of the few spots on the first pages of search engine results. Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Search Engine Marketing Read More »

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