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Working With Partners, Creating Great Copy and Doing Business Earnistly, With Matt Giovanisci


How do we get to work with partners? What are the things we need to think about when we are putting together our sales pages? And how do we talk to customers about new projects, so that we can fill in the gaps in our model? In this episode, we discuss the tips and tricks to working with partners, managing ... Read More »

What Facebook Advertisers Are Doing Wrong: Q&A with Mari Smith

Facebook has over 1.28 billion daily active users. To have more than a billion prospects in one place, literally at your fingertips, is a marketer’s dream (thanks, Mark Zuckerberg!). But turning those prospects into customers… well that’s another story. As marketers, we know that a stellar Facebook campaign is made up of a lot more than clever copy, snazzy design and ... Read More »

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