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What email marketers should know about iOS 11

Just a few weeks after the official release of Apple’s iOS 11, columnist Kyle Henderick discusses how marketers should respond to changes the new mobile operating system brings to the Mail app. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips Read More »

Email anti-spam laws around the world

To combat spam emails, many countries — including the United States and Canada — have enacted anti-spam legislation. Email marketers must be careful not to run afoul of these laws. In many cases, marketers are also subject to the anti-spam laws of the countries where their recipients reside, even if they don’t live or do business there.  While the laws vary from ... Read More »

4 ways to use social media to increase your email list

Anyone who’s done customer outreach via email marketing understands that the bigger your subscriber list, the more people you can reach with any given email campaign. That means more leads and sales. An additional benefit of a large readership: the ability to segment those readers into groups based on demographics, buying habits and other factors. Targeting your readers with messages ... Read More »

Digital Marketing News: Predictive Analytics, Blockchain and Email Marketing Industry Report

Predictive Analytics: Predicting Customer Behavior to Improve ROI As marketers, we’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve. But, does that curve factor in what customers or clients are looking for? This infographic shows us how predictive analytics can help do just that. Business 2 Community IAB sets up Blockchain Working Group for advertising Does blockchain have a place ... Read More »

6 tips for making a logo part of your email campaigns

Does your business need a logo? Whether you’re refreshing an existing logo or creating a new one from scratch, keep in mind that logos are essential for brand awareness. After all, a logo is the distillation of everything your business does and stands for in one emblem that consumers comprehend in mere seconds. If you’re mulling a new logo design, ... Read More »

How to Grow Your Email List in 7 Days

You know how important it is. We don’t have to tell you. Your email list is one of the most valuable parts of your business… or at least it should be. But yours isn’t growing, not as fast as you know it should be anyway. Or, maybe you haven’t even started one. You’re worried your competitors are passing you by ... Read More »

3 tips to wake up nonresponders and boost email open rates

Figuring out what resonates with your readers can be a head-scratcher for even the savviest email marketer. Why does one campaign perform well, while another perfectly good one seems to fall flat? Follow-up emails to your nonresponders may be able to help. Nonresponders are the people who didn’t read an email the first time around, but that doesn’t mean an email ... Read More »

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