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Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube and Twitter form Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism


 Today Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube and Twitter collectively announced a new partnership aimed at reducing the accessibility of internet services to terrorists. The new Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism adds structure to existing efforts by the companies to target and remove from major web platforms recruiting materials for terror groups. Read More Social – TechCrunch Read More »

Facebook counters online extremism with new U.K. training program for NGOs

(Reuters) — Facebook is launching a UK program to train and fund local organizations to combat extremist material online, as internet companies attempt to clamp down on hate speech and violent content on their services. Facebook, which outlined new efforts to remove extremist and terrorism content from its social media platform last week, will launch the Online Civil Courage Initiative ... Read More »

Facebook rejected a search warrant for Philando Castile’s girlfriend after he was killed by cop

Newly-uncovered documents show that in the days immediately following the fatal shooting of Philando Castile by a Minnesota police officer, state authorities sought access to private messages and photos belonging to Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. Reynolds famously livestreamed the aftermath of Castile’s shooting on Facebook. Facebook, the documents show, refused to comply with the warrant on the grounds that it ... Read More »

How to Make Facebook Ads Work for Your B2B Company With a Simple Google Form Survey

Facebook is still primarily a leisure social network: people browse it to connect with their friends, find interesting news and, of course, check out cat pictures. Therefore, most marketers believe that advertising on Facebook is useless for B2B. They’ll point to lower click-through rates for B2B Facebook ads, and higher costs per click, and go back to focusing on Google ... Read More »

Facebook gives up on making the world more open and connected, now wants to bring the world closer together

Facebook announced a massive change today. CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared the company with nearly 2 billion monthly active users has a new mission statement: Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. The old mission was “give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” Facebook may have a tweaked, slightly different ... Read More »

Facebook Safety Checks can now raise relief funds after a disaster

Facebook users who find themselves in desperate straits after a fire, flood, or other disaster that triggers a Facebook Safety Check will now be able to ask friends to make donations after letting everyone know they’re safe. Facebook Fundraisers are now part of Safety Checks, one in a series of changes announced today to give people more control during catastrophic events. ... Read More »

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