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215: Simplify Your Business and Make More Money Blogging


Ways You Can Simplify Your Business and Increase Your Blogging Profitability Today, I want to share two big lessons I learned this year at our Australian ProBlogger events. They were lessons I think apply to many aspects of blogging and online business. It’s all about simplifying what you do while making more profit. I’m heading to Dallas for our Success ... Read More »

Do iPhone Users Spend More Online Than Android Users?

Posted by MartyMeany Apple has just launched their latest flagship phones to market and later this year they’ll release their uber-flagship: the iPhone X. The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone yet, at a cool $ 999. With so many other smartphones on the market offering similar functionality, it begs the question: Do iPhone users simply spend more money ... Read More »

How to Identify Your Most Valuable Keywords (& Find More)

Quality Score is the straw that stirs your paid search drink. At the keyword level, it’s the perfect measuring stick: it tells you whether your copy is relevant, how stoked prospects are about your landing page, and the rate at which viewers click your ads. If all three factors are trending in the right direction you’re rewarded with lower CPCs ... Read More »

How to Drive More Ecommerce Sales with Your Product Pages

Landing page basics Most ecommerce websites have many pages: the homepage, an “About” page, individual product pages, product category pages, etc. Although the homepage is often thought of as the first page your visitor sees, in practice, this isn’t usually what happens. The prevalence of search engines means that any page could potentially be a visitor’s first experience with your ... Read More »

How to Compete with Big Spenders in AdWords (Without Spending More $)

I’ve got good news and bad news. In traditional fashion, let’s start with the bad news. By almost every metric, businesses with big budgets are doing better in Google AdWords than lower spenders. Maybe not surprising, but it still hurts. The rich get richer while us little guys get left in the dust. How do we know? We looked at ... Read More »

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