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Net neutrality needs you as much as you need it

The battle for net neutrality is ramping into high gear, as we anticipate an FCC vote on December 14 to either confirm or reject Chairman Pai’s draft order to undermine the 2015 Open Internet Order. With the future of the Internet, its capacity to continue fostering innovation, and freedom of expression online hanging in the balance, EFF encourages Internet users ... Read More »

4 Super-Useful New AdWords Features You Need to Try

Google just unleashed a gang of new AdWords features to help you improve performance in every cranny of your paid search campaigns. Today, I’m going to run through everything you’ll need to know to implement these super-useful changes throughout your account. #1: Promotion Extensions Since the advent of AdWords, folks like you and me have been forced to use their ... Read More »

Do You Really Need Another Blog Post? Why Content Marketing Needs More Flexibility

For at least a decade, the 500-word blog post has been the atomic unit of content marketing. Marketers like Joe Pulizzi and Marcus Sheridan built their entire careers on blogging. In Joe’s case, he started the blog without a business plan or a product, and developed both after building an audience through insightful, valuable blog posts. Even TopRank Marketing relied ... Read More »

6 SEO Tests You Need to Try

Nobody actually knows anything about SEO with 100% certainty. There are ~200 ranking factors. We think. Give or take. Links, content, and RankBrain top the list. We infer. (Image source) But never, ever, ever, does Google come out and say, “Here’s exactly what you should do. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.” The deck is also stacked against most of ... Read More »

We need new regulations to protect us from Facebook and Equifax

GUEST: The theft of an estimated 143 million Americans’ personal details in the breach of consumer-credit reporting agency Equifax and the Russian hack of the U.S. elections through Facebook had one thing in common: They were partly possible because our personal data has no legal protections. Though the U.S. Constitution provides Americans with privacy rights and freedoms, it doesn’t protect ... Read More »

10 Things You Need to Know About the EU General Data Protection Regulation

At some point during May 2017, the security systems of American credit monitoring agency Equifax were compromised.   The names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and in some cases credit card details of approximately 143 million Americans were accessed during the attack — almost half the American population. News reports would later reveal that the perpetrators of the attack managed to ... Read More »

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