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BostInno’s 2018 Tech Madness: WordStream Brings the Noise (and How to Vote!)

The drinks were flowin’. The ping pong balls were flyin’. The Keytar Bear was…keytar-in’. The stage was set for BostInno’s 2018 Tech Madness Bracket Reveal, and Team WordStream brought the ruckus. Representatives from 64 Boston-area companies gathered at Game On in Fenway Wednesday night, fueled by endless ‘roni ‘za and $ 7 Gin & Tonics. The stakes? Beantown tech supremacy. ... Read More »

UK outs extremism blocking tool and could force tech firms to use it


 The UK government’s pressure on tech giants to do more about online extremism just got weaponized. The Home Secretary has today announced a machine learning tool, developed with public money by a local AI firm, which the government says can automatically detect propaganda produced by the Islamic State terror group with “an extremely high degree of accuracy”. Read More Social ... Read More »

AI Weekly: Can tech platforms police themselves in a deepfake-filled future?

In recent days, companies like Twitter, Reddit, PornHub, and Discord have taken a stand against deepfakes, videos generated with machine learning to graft the face of one person onto the body of another person. The name and practice were popularized in recent months in subreddit communities where users put the heads of actresses like Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot on the bodies of ... Read More »

‘AR as a feature’ is the best use of AR tech right now, and Amazon gets it

GUEST: ARKit’s release in 2017 unleashed a new category of mobile apps and created a greenfield for mobile app developers. The more than 1,000 AR apps already in the App Store cover a wide range of developers, from big corporations like the NBA and Ikea to indie game developers and independent hackers. In addition to creating new standalone apps, both ... Read More »

10 worst tech stories of 2017: From Equifax to net neutrality to that awful Sam Altman post

The worst year for tech that most of us can remember in a long, long time is finally over. It is perhaps best summarized as the year the tech backlash finally came of age, setting in motion a long-overdue reckoning. That’s not to say anyone has learned any fundamental lessons or changed any behavior. We have yet to see whether ... Read More »

Tony Fadell Q&A: Post-Nest life in Paris, investing in deep tech, and his global search for inspiration

As big names in Silicon Valley go, Tony Fadell is right up there among the biggest. Credited with creating the iPod for Apple, working on the iPhone, and founding smart home pioneer Nest, Fadell has a resume that’s hard to beat. But here’s the thing: He no longer lives in Silicon Valley. He sold Nest to Google in 2014 for ... Read More »

15 European startups acquired by U.S. tech giants in 2017

FEATURE: A number of major deals went down in acquisition town this year, from Amazon’s $ 13.7 billion Whole Foods acquisition to Intel’s $ 15.3 billion deal to acquire Mobileye. And — as with 2016 and previous years — the big U.S. tech companies headed to Europe in search of technology and talent. Here, we take a look back at 15 of those ... Read More »

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