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13 Power Tips for #Winning Mobile Ad Copy

Just in case you (STILL) need convincing that having a mobile strategy isn’t optional, here are a few stats on mobile adoption to consider: Men and women aged 18-29 have a 92% adoption rate Men and women over 65 have a 42% adoption rate All income levels have at least 60% adoption – that rises to 93% when you look ... Read More »

Practical Tips to Move You Toward Your Content Marketing Goals

This week is all about good, old-fashioned pragmatism. It’s about the specific tactics you can use to start getting the results you’re looking for — sooner rather than later. On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman gave us some suggestions on timing when you want to approach that busy influencer with your killer idea or humble request. On Tuesday, Jerod Morris let us ... Read More »

7 Data-Backed Tips for AdWords Ads that Work Right Now

PPC advertisers said farewell to standard text ads last year and we began preparing for the new age of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). A lot has changed since Google first started selling text ads way back in the 20th century. Technology is better. The way people search has changed. And, perhaps most importantly, we’re now in a mobile-first world. All ... Read More »

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost? Plus 8 Tips for Saving Money

Facebook ads have long been the gold standard in social advertising, in part because Facebook allows brands to target incredibly niche markets, and has empowered marketers to get rapid insights into winning combinations of creative, audience, placement and other variables to optimize their campaigns. That’s according to Timothy Masek, senior growth strategist at marketing agency Ladder, who said Facebook’s 2012 ... Read More »

50 summer subject lines + 3 tips for sunny copywriting

Memorial Day barbecues have been lit, and summer is officially upon us. As temperatures rise and people are spending more time grilling and soaking up the sun outdoors, how can you capture their attention with your email subject lines? While there’s a lot on your seasonal to-do list – rooftop parties, trips to the beach and picnics in the park ... Read More »

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