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Twitter’s ban on Russia Today ads is dangerous to free expression

Freedom of speech “presupposes that right conclusions are more likely to be gathered out of a multitude of tongues, than through any kind of authoritative selection. To many this is, and always will be, folly; but we have staked upon it our all.”– United States v. Associated Press, 52 F. Supp. 362, 372 (S.D.N.Y. 1943) (opinion of the court by ... Read More »

Twitter’s ad ‘Transparency Center’ still leaves us with a very big problem


Twitter knows it has an ad problem.  On Tuesday, the company announced a series of reforms aimed at disclosing more information about its ads. This new policy followed reports that the social media behemoth’s own tools were used by Russia-linked groups in an attempt to influence the 2016 presidential election, and represents a good first step toward cleaning up Twitter’s ... Read More »

Bye, 140-character limit; Twitter’s new 280-character tweets work fine (for me)

Say what you want about the new 280-character limit for Twitter — it works for me and how I tweet, and it shows that the company is at least trying a few new things. Of course, the reception has been less than warm. I wasn’t the only one who has written tweets that cut off suddenly as a joke — ... Read More »

Artist stencils hate tweets on the ground in front of Twitter’s Hamburg HQ

(Reuters) — A German-Israeli artist who accuses Twitter of failing to delete hate speech tweets has taken matters into his own hands — by stencilling the offending messages on the road in front of the company’s Hamburg headquarters. A post on video-sharing site YouTube showed Shahak Shapira and fellow activists stencilling tweets saying “Germany needs a final solution to Islam” ... Read More »

Twitter’s U.S. monthly active user base declined in Q2 2017

There was an air of positivity in the buildup to Twitter’s second quarter earnings today, with the company’s share price popping in the wake of its last earnings results in April. But the news out of Twitter towers this morning wasn’t great: Revenue fell 5 percent since the previous quarter, and the all-important monthly active user (MAU) metric remained static ... Read More »

Twitter’s reality bites: Things are bad and will likely get worse

ANALYSIS: Trying to understand the state of Twitter’s business is a remarkably complicated affair. Which, given how bad things are, is probably not an accident. On Thursday, the company reported no user growth during the second quarter and a 5 percent drop in revenue. Yet its earnings releases are filled with happy talk and rosy numbers, and its earnings call with analysts was ... Read More »

Twitter’s lawsuit over U.S. surveillance gag order moves forward

(Reuters) — A U.S. judge ruled on Thursday that Twitter could move forward with a lawsuit that aims to free technology companies to speak more openly about surveillance requests they receive from the U.S. government. The U.S. government had failed to show the kind of “clear and present danger” that could possibly justify restraints Twitter’s constitutional right to talk about ... Read More »

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