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The Power of a Fresh Start

The Power of a Fresh Start - copyblogger weekly

You never know what a fresh calendar year can inspire someone to do. They might start a new business, lose a zillion pounds, organize the sock drawer.

Or, if it’s Copyblogger’s founder Brian Clark, they just might come back to the blog with a vengeance … and a commitment to write a bunch of new content for us.

In case you missed it, Brian did that last one this week. He hit the blog on Monday morning with a post about why so much content out there is so … uninspiring. And he talks about what we can do to break through and start creating something worth reading again.

This month, we’re getting back to basics on Copyblogger — but “basic” doesn’t mean we’ll get less sophisticated. It means we’ll talk about how you can execute on the most important things in a deeper way.

Because shiny objects are fun … but creating real success is even more fun.

On Tuesday, Stefanie gave us some thoughts on getting inspired about our editing. OK, maybe it isn’t as exciting as some topics (unless you’re Stefanie) — but the polish and excellence that good editing will bring out in your work really is pretty exciting. And if you’d like to get into a rousing discussion about the serial comma in the comments there, I know she’d be into it.

And on Wednesday, I shared a bit of a rant about a “back to basic” that I care a lot about: breaking the habit of writing boring, neutral content that might as well be written by a machine, and getting back to our authentic voices.

Enjoy this week’s goodies, and let us know in the comments if you have any “back to basics” resolutions of your own for the new year! We always love to hear what you’re working on. I’ll catch you next week …

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

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